Kanye west
The group sees Kanye West as the perfect example of what a human can achieve creatively Yeezanity

An anonymous group has created a religion founded on the belief that US rapper Kanye West has been sent by God to "usher in a New Age of humanity".

Thefledgling religion, known as Yeezianity, considers West a model of behaviour and ethics and believes he is the perfect example of the "creative potential" a human being can achieve.

In order to be accepted into the Church of Yeezus – described as the best church of all time - would-be adherents must believe in the core principles of the group.

Known as the Five Pillars, they are:

The founder of the religion, who has refused to divuilge his identity to avoid compromising what Yeezanity is trying to achieve, set up the group's manifesto and posted it on Craigslist to attract followers

Speaking to Noisey, he said that instead of taking West's Song I Am a God literally, Yeezianity instead considered the divisive rapper a figurehead people can aspire to.

The founder said: "In a lot of ways, after I created it, I reflected on it and thought that this was just a rehashing of Christianity, but just throwing Yeezus instead of Jesus.

"Jesus has all this baggage and all these connotations, and Yeezus is this new thing - and that's why I say in the 'Our Saviour' part of the site, 'We don't speak of his public persona.'

"Because Yeezus is when Kanye elevates to that God-level, which I feel like we all have the potential to do."

"First of all, he is the most honest person in our culture. He has the highest moral standards and highest integrity. He is the most creative person. And as it's typical with creative people, he gets a lot of flak from the lower-minded masses.

"Steve Jobs is dead. Walt Disney is dead. Most of the great creative geniuses of the 20th century are dead or in a senile state. So right now, I feel like he is the man, and he's done it in a way that I've been directly exposed to it."

Those wishing to be a part of the Yeezianity movement simply need to email the website with a photo of you holding a piece of paper which declares "I believe in Yeesez".