YouTube is currently testing games called "Playables". Pexels

YouTube is currently testing games dubbed Playables following the platform's foray into podcasts, gaming livestreams, television and music. YouTube is a Google-owned video streaming platform with more than a whopping 2 billion active monthly users.

Understandably, the platform is sparing no effort to find new ways to evolve. In line with this, YouTube has begun public testing of games that you can directly play on the YouTube app and the website.

Playables is one of YouTube's experimental features. Last month, a report indicated that the service is testing a Shazam-like song recognising feature as well. These experimental features are first launched to select users who help YouTube decide whether or not to introduce the feature globally.

You can soon play games on the YouTube app, website

In its latest blog post, the company announced its new experimental and under-development features. According to YouTube, some users are currently able to access Playables on an experimental basis. These viewers can play interactive games on the YouTube app and website.

Regrettably, the blog doesn't divulge any key details about the games. According to the folks at 9To5Google, "Stack Bounce" is one of the games that is part of YouTube's Playables experiment. It is worth noting that the game is also available on Google GameSnacks.

GameSnacks is a Google-developed platform that allows developers to deploy HTML5-based games for all users. Unsurprisingly, these games are not graphic-heavy and can easily be played on lower-end mobile devices.

Is YouTube copying Netflix?

It looks like YouTube is following in the footsteps of Netflix. To recap, Netflix introduced games for its viewers back in November 2021. The streaming service initially offered five games, but its game library has now expanded to over 70 games.

Netflix is still mum on the impact of games on its subscriber count. However, it is safe to assume that it would have made some impact to encourage YouTube to take a page out of Netflix's book. It is also worth mentioning here that YouTube's experimental features give priority to YouTube Premium subscribers.

So, there is a possibility YouTube may keep some games exclusive for YouTube Premium members even after the official launch. Currently, details about YouTube's Playables program are still few and far between.

As of now, Playables will be only available on mobile and desktop platforms. Nevertheless, it won't come as a surprise if YouTube starts testing the games for its official Android TV app in the coming days to compete with Netflix.

Similarly, the American tech giant launched YouTube Shorts in September 2020 to compete with TikTok and Instagram Reels. However, Google is now reportedly worried about the impact of YouTube Shorts' on the platform's long-form videos.