Google Android operating system
Google updates the Android brand with a 3D robot and a new logo. Pixabay

Google has officially given us a glimpse into a new 3D logo for Android. Aside from this, the company has updated its mascot, giving the popular robot a new 3D look.

Google says the updated branding will "help connect Android to Google," while making it more visually appealing and adaptable. The redesigned Android logo uses a rounded font for the capital "A," to ensure it aligns more with Google's own branding.

Apparently, Google ditched the lowercase "a" from the logo to give it more prominence when it is placed next to the iconic Google logo. Moreover, the company used a slightly darker green colour for the new logo.

Android brand undergoes a radical overhaul

In a blog post, Director of Android Consumer Brand Management Jason Fournier noted that Google evaluates changing needs and future goals each time the company overhauls its branding.

"We know people today want more choice and autonomy, and we want our brand to be reflective of Android: something that gives people the freedom to create on their terms," Fournier explained.

The top executive believes it is important that the company's technology and brand are an "invitation for people to create, connect and do more with Google on Android devices".

It is worth noting that the Android robot has been a part of the logo since 2009. The new bugdroid has more dimension and character and has been presented in various materials, colours, and even accessories.

Google explains the reason behind the new logo makeover

According to Google, the redesigned bugdroid is a versatile and reliable companion across different channels, platforms, and contexts. The updated Android logo and new brand identity are slated to start appearing on Android devices and other platforms later this year.

Journalist Mishaal Rahman believes the next generation Android OS, Android 14 will be released during the Made by Google event on October 4, 2023. So, it will be interesting to see whether the new logo makes its debut with the arrival of Android 14.

Aside from a logo, Android 14 is expected to boast an impressive array of features. For instance, an earlier report claims the upcoming mobile OS will get an iOS-like battery health feature, custom lock screen clocks, and more.

While nothing is set in stone yet, Google says the new branding is part of its attempt to "make Android more accessible and inclusive for everyone." Meanwhile, people are having mixed reactions to the new Android logo and brand identity.

Some people have heaped praise on the new look, but others have criticised it, claiming it is too different from the original logo.