A 10-year-old girl who was mauled by her own dog and "thrown around like a rag doll" was later saved by neighbours in the Melbourne suburb of Berwick on Sunday (4 March).

The neighbours described the horrific incident of how the South African Boerboel breed left the child with tragic injuries. The girl who remains in hospital is lucky to be alive, the neighbours who helped save her said.

According to Nine Network television station, neighbour Jimmy Baird who was at home watching television heard screaming from a nearby house.

"A young girl came out saying her sister was being attacked by the dog," he said.

Baird with the help of another neighbour ran to the home where they found the girl banging on a door and trying to get rid of the dog.

"We tried to get the door open. As I opened the door, this massive head was coming through the door frothing at the mouth. It was obviously going to go us," Baird told Nine Network.

"I'm glad we were there because the young girl probably wouldn't have survived," Baird added.

The City of Casey were called to the home, but the incident wasn't considered severe enough to seize the dog from its owners. They were however slapped with a fine.

According to the Daily Mail, late last year also, the council were called after the family's other dog, a Bull Mastiff, acted aggressively towards a passer-by.

The council on Monday revealed that they had previously issued four infringements to the dogs' owner.

The chief executive of the RSPCA, Dr Liz Walker, described the attack as a "tragic and devastating event". She has urged the family to consider having the dog euthanized.

"This is a discussion for the family and the council. But It would have to be something they would seriously consider," Dr Walker said.