A US company can customise a 3D-print of your own futuristic cottage in just 24 hours. Oakland based Mighty Buildings is able to manufacture a 350 square-foot studio almost overnight for the market price of £ 75,000. The compact cottage can provide a peaceful and ample hideaway space that can also double as a self sufficient cabin to accommodate guests. What's more, it can easily fit in a back garden.

Compared to typical #prefab #construction, one of the biggest differentiators of our system is the ability to quickly & easily customize designs without needing to lay out a whole new factory line. Great feature @DigitalTrends @lukedormehl https://t.co/37Ln2kbDsN #MightyBuildings

— Mighty Buildings (@mightybuildings) August 12, 2020

After raising £22 million in venture capital from YCombinator, an American seed money start-up accelerator, the company emerged in July with promising innovative technology. Although it is not the first company to offer 3D printed homes, Mighty Buildings' technology is able to incorporate more elements of a house in their designs while others only feature standard walls and floors.

To make a single unit, a 20ft-high printer is used with designs moulded together using a pattern laid out by blueprint diagram. From there, tiny beads of synthetic stone are dripped on top of each other to produce the finished structure. The non-toxic liquid synthetic material used hardens almost instantly when exposed to UV light, making it more effective and durable than concrete. The printing is done in their California warehouse and the units are then transported to your property on a truck. Ground placement is done with the use of a crane.

Printing Complex Geometry Without Any Support! https://t.co/pdE5lbWvHN via @YouTube

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The firm's primary vision was to build affordable housing for young people in the US who are struggling to purchase their first property. From there, it has ventured into offering a variety of units that range from a basic studio to a luxury family home.

In a story from the Sun, Slava Solonitsyn, Mighty Buildings' CEO and co-founder said:

"Because we're building homes for people to live in, we've been very deliberate in carrying out our vision to make housing better."

"We're now ready to scale our production with full confidence in our certifications and code compliance for both our material and technology," Solonitsyn added.

The current price of an average home built on site in California can rack up to £246 per square foot while Mighty Buildings homes cost up to 45 percent less than standard homes of the same size. Their units can be built using 95 percent less labour at twice the speed of traditional construction. Another big takeaway from the firm's 3D printed homes is that it consumes 10 times less waste.

By combining #3DPrinting and #prefab. We've created a more efficient and design-friendly process. @gcnichs dives into what this means for the future of construction in @ZDNet #MightyBuildings https://t.co/7UEmFJxlpp

— Mighty Buildings (@mightybuildings) August 12, 2020

Customers can choose from unit models with a price range of £75,000 for a 350 square-foot studio, or level up to £120,000 for a roomy unit measuring 700 square-feet that comes with a bedroom, a desk space and a walk-in wardrobe. Their luxury model can set you back about £215,000 for a 1,440-square-foot unit that boasts of a massive living room and kitchen area, as well as a dedicated room for laundry. The 3 bedroom home is built with en suite bathrooms and a walk-in wardrobe.

All of their units come equipped with cabinetry, heating, ventilation, air conditioning as well as kitchen and bathroom appliances. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and LED lighting are also installed while also providing an option for a solar panel on the roof. Plumbing and electricity however, need to be added separately

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