Elderly couple
The man was found hours later, walking in a park in good company (file photo) Getty

The French have a reputation as great lovers, but it seems even those in their dotage take romance very seriously.

A 93-year-old man residing at a care home in Brittany gave his carers and family a good scare on Saturday (12 August), reported France Bleu.

He ran away from the home in the morning, "forgetting" to tell the staff of his whereabouts for the day.

A panicked grand-daughter alerted nurses that she couldn't find her grandfather, who she usually visits every week-end.

The whole nursing home started looking for the pensioner, but he was nowhere to be found.
It prompted the family to contact authorities, handing them a description of the clothes the man was last seen wearing: a pair of jeans, a blue sleeveless shirt and a hat.

But when the police found him, he was much further away than expected, in town. He was also perfectly healthy, and in good company.

He had ditched the nurses for a romantic rendezvous with his girlfriend.

"They were having a stroll in the park, arm in arm," the police said.

Rather than fearing for his safety, the man's family will now have to get to know his beloved.