Quote game
Developer Vindit has revealed a new action RPG called Quote that has players burning books, killing authors and ridding the world of knowledge. Vindit

London-based indie studio Vindit has unveiled a brand new action RPG called Quote that tasks players with 'saving' the world by burning books, killing authors and ridding it of all knowledge. Inspired by surrealist art and classic literature, the visually-stunning game will have players take on the role of Novella, priestess of Bliss, to "save the world from the taint of knowledge for the God of Ignorance" with the help of your trusty bird-like sidekick, Tatters.

"With an insatiable hunger for the blasphemous, feed it well and your powers will grow," the developer said in a statement announcing the game.

The game's description reads: "Quote is an action role-playing game about a world that's out of ideas. Bliss, god of ignorance, has eradicated all wisdom and learning from the land, claiming this will save it from chaos - but now knowledge is returning.

"Brawl your way across a beautiful but ravaged world, finding quotes, destroying books and bludgeoning the wise in Bliss's name. But can the written word truly be destroyed?"

"Remember that game you played when growing up?" the developer wrote in a post on its website. "The one that seemed utterly magical? We want to make a game like that. Something people can get all mushy and nostalgic about in the pub years from now."

The game also draws inspiration from games such as Adeline Software's 1994 action-adventure Little Big Adventure and the works of famous authors including Kurt Vonnegut, Carter, Ray Bradbury, Umberto Eco and Aldous Huxley.

The RPG will include hand-drawn worlds based on pieces of a past culture with spoken narrative written by Alec Meer and Dan Griliopoulos. Featuring a blend of brawling action and exploration gameplay, players will have more than 20 unlockable powers on your quest to serve up some "divine retribution" and make your way across the corrupted, yet beautiful world.

Having been in development for two years now, Quote is set to release for Steam Early Access later this year with a full release slated for sometime in 2017.