2019 was a difficult year for Blizzard Entertainment after its actions related to the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong incurred the wrath of gamers and some of its employees. This led to consumers actively boycotting the developer's games and services, while some of its staff staged a walkout. This all happened before the annual BlizzCon event, which led people to believe that it would be almost impossible for the company to stage a comeback. However, with the debut of "Diablo IV," "Overwatch 2," as well as a heartfelt apology from one of its executives, it seems everything is back on track.

While the aforementioned sequels have evidently struck a chord with fans, it appears that the game studio's top brass has plans to expand the respective lore of each series. Games released by Activision Blizzard have always been praised for the impressive CGI graphics that add a visual flair to its own brand of storytelling. As such, a report from GameSpot claims that there are plans to make animated films based on "Diablo" and "Overwatch."

This was allegedly taken from Activision Blizzard co-president Nick van Dyk's LinkedIn profile, according to GameSpot. Some might remember him for his work on a Netflix original animated series based on a spin-off of another classic gaming franchise. With his experience working on "Skylanders Academy", the next project in line is an animated adaptation of "Diablo," which is supposedly in pre-production stage as of this writing.

Details gleaned by sources from his social media profile revealed that "Diablo" will be "rendered in anime style." This recent discovery confirms that rumours of a series based on the role-playing hack-and-slash horror title could be true. Sadly, there is no hint as to when this might be completed and how soon it will become available on Netflix.

'Overwatch 2' will sport all-new character designs
Blizzard Entertainment confirms that "Overwatch 2" heroes will have a new look on top of the new game modes, maps, and other add-ons. Photo: Blizzard

Furthermore, van Dyk's profile goes on to mention that an animated series based on "Overwatch" was likewise on his agenda. Activision Blizzard has not made any formal announcement regarding these two projects. On the other hand, the team-based shooter was always praised for the beautiful animated shorts it releases prior to a big announcement. Currently, it is unclear when "Overwatch 2" and "Diablo IV" will launch.