Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner is suing Joe Jonas for the custody of their two children. Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Sophie Turner, the 27-year-old actress who rose to stardom on the HBO series Game of Thrones, has filed a lawsuit against her estranged husband, Joe Jonas, seeking immediate custody of their two young daughters.

The lawsuit, filed in a Manhattan court on Thursday, alleges that Jonas has wrongfully retained the children and is refusing to return them to England, where Turner wants to raise them.

Turner and Jonas married in 2019 and have two daughters together: a three-year-old named Willa and another daughter who is just over a year old. According to the lawsuit, the couple agreed to move to England permanently in late 2022 and sold their home in the United States in April 2023. However, Turner alleges that Jonas changed his mind about moving to England after the couple separated in September 2023.

According to the lawsuit, Turner and Jonas agreed to make England their "forever home" in December 2022. In April 2023, the couple sold their home in Los Angeles and moved to England. However, in June 2023, Jonas filed for divorce in Los Angeles.

After Jonas filed for divorce, Turner and Jonas began discussing their custody arrangements. Turner has said that she wants to raise the children in England, while Jonas has said that he wants them to live in the United States.

In September 2023, Turner and Jonas met to discuss their custody arrangements further. Turner has said that Jonas changed his mind about the children living in England and has refused to allow her to take them back to England.

Jonas has denied Turner's allegations and has said that he is acting in the best interests of his children. He has also said that he is willing to work with Turner to reach a custody agreement that is fair to both of them.

Jonas's attorneys have said that Turner is trying to "use the media to win a custody battle". They have also said that Turner's allegations are "baseless and unsubstantiated".

The lawsuit claims that Jonas has refused to return the children's passports to Turner and is refusing to send them home to England with her. Turner's attorneys also allege that Jonas has been making it difficult for her to communicate with the children.

Turner is seeking immediate custody of the children, as well as an order requiring Jonas to return their passports. She is also asking the court to order Jonas to pay her attorneys' fees and costs.

Jonas's representatives have not yet commented on the lawsuit. However, they have issued a statement to Vanity Fair calling the situation "an unfortunate legal disagreement about a marriage that is sadly ending".

The custody battle between Turner and Jonas is just the latest in a string of high-profile celebrity divorces. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of celebrities using the courts to settle custody disputes. This trend is likely due to the fact that celebrities often have complex financial arrangements and international travel schedules, which can make custody agreements difficult to negotiate.

The outcome of the custody battle between Turner and Jonas is uncertain. However, the case is likely to be closely watched by Hollywood, as it could have a precedent-setting impact on how celebrity custody disputes are resolved in the future.

Turner has been outspoken about her desire to raise her daughters in England, where she grew up. She has said that she wants her children to experience the same British culture that she did as a child.

Jonas, on the other hand, is from the United States and has a large extended family there. He has said that he wants his children to have a close relationship with their American relatives.