Afghan Taliban has claimed responsibility for a truck bomb attack on a guesthouse in capital Kabul which is frequented by foreigners. The attack, carried out at about 1.30am local time on Monday (1 August), was reportedly aimed at a military and logistics services compound in Kabul's Pul-e-Charkhi neighbourhood.

According to reports, gunfire was also heard in the area, but there is no official confirmation on casualties as yet. Local reports suggest that four militants attempted to enter the compound following the explosion. There were widespread power outages in the area just before and after the blast.

The guesthouse is located on the outskirts of Kabul along the Jalalabad Road and is close to the Bagram airbase. Afghan army personnel have cordoned off the area.

Nearly an hour after the powerful explosion, Taliban claimed responsibility for the blast and said that there were dozens of casualties. It added that its Islamists were currently controlling the compound.

The Nato-led Resolute Support Mission has acknowledged they are aware of the situation but did not provide any details of the attack.

In July 2013, the guesthouse was attacked by insurgents in a similar manner, when a truck bomb first struck the entrance of the compound and then five militants entered the facility. All of them were shot dead and five security officers lost their lives.

The latest bombing comes on the heels of a suicide attack carried out on 23 July killing more than 80 people. This was one of the deadliest attacks in Afghanistan in nearly 15 years.

Afghan Taliban Kabul blast
Afghan policemen keep watch near the site of a blast in Kabul, Afghanistan Omar Sobhani/Reuters