Air Europa
Air Europa denied claims 10 people fainted on board the plane but admitted six people were feeling dizzy due to kerosene smell on the aircraft AirEuropa

Ten passengers reportedly fainted on Air Europa UX433 flight following reports of a strong smell of gas on the plane.

The plane crew on the Barcelona to Tel Aviv flight, which landed on 12 March at 3.33am at Ben Gurion Airport, were said to be hysterical and refused to let people visit the bathroom in case more passengers keeled over.

It is believed there were problems with the flight cabin's oxygen system. Passengers had already complained of a strong smell of gas before take-off.

"They did not let people get up in the bathroom because they were afraid more people faint," one person on the flight said, according to

AirEuropa, however, told IBTimes UK six people felt dizzy after reports of a smell of kerosene - "not uncommon on modern aircraft" rather than a problem with the plane's oxygen system.

Tim Allen, a spokesman from AirEuropa, said: "The 6 passengers who reported feeling dizzy were attended to and given refreshments by the Air Europa cabin crew. 183 passengers and crew were on board the aeroplane and no injuries were reported.

"The aeroplane used, the Boeing 737-800, is the newest model from this manufacturer. No gas is used on board this aeroplane, so we do not believe this could have been the source of the smell, as speculated in some media.

"It should be noted that no emergency was declared, and that the normal operation of the flight was in no way affected, whether with regards to arrival time, route, or any other issues.

"While we look into the matter further, we wish to clarify that it is not uncommon on modern aircraft that when flying into a headwind, engines may give off a smell, which is normally dissipated by the cabin air conditioning system."