Airbus has filed a patent for a new supersonic jet similar to Concorde.

The supersonic jet will reportedly cover the distance from London to New York in the span of simply an hour, according to the patent documents filed at the US Patents Office.

Travelling at four times the speed of sound, the super jet that is being referred to as the 'son of Concorde' will limit sonic boom doing away with the noise problem that was earlier faced by the Concorde.

The original Concorde was banned across several countries due to the noise it made when breaking the sound barrier.

It was banned in 2003 after a major crash in Paris on 25 July 2000 when all 100 passengers and nine crew members on board the Air France Flight 4590 died.

The son of Concorde will reportedly take off vertically and travel twice as fast as Concorde going to altitudes of 100,000ft due to its twin turbo jets.

It will accommodate some 20 passengers at a time.

"[The jet has] an air vehicle including a fuselage, a gothic delta wing distributed on either side of the fuselage, and a system of motors able to propel the air vehicle," reported Yahoo News.