A boy who could not have been older than five or six years-old, tries hard to balance his little body as he fires a gun in a latest video (scroll down to view the footage) allegedly released by terrorist group Al-Qaida.

Every time the gun is fired, the boy feels a jolt in his shoulder and falls but he shrugs off the discomfort and fires again.

The video reportedly shot in war-torn Afghanistan surfaced online on 26 August.

In another scene from the same video, more boys are lined up, firing one of the world's most illicitly traded weapon, the AK-47.

Most of the boys are believed to be the orphans of former Al-Qaida terrorists. The Islamist militant group is also said to have been training women or widows of terrorists to become suicide bombers because they are usually not targeted as suspects.

In a recent revelation by intelligence sources, it was reported that Al-Qaida was developing breast bombs for women terrorists. These devices, also called intimate bombs, cannot be detected by scanners and security staff at airports, and can explode midair on board airplanes.