Alexandra Burke
Burke and Gorka Marquez performing on Strictly. BBC

Strictly Come Dancing star Alexandra Burke has written an open letter to The Sun's showbiz editor Dan Wootton, claiming the newspaper has printed "lies" about her.

The 29-year-old singer from London shared the letter on Twitter today (5 December) after The Sun claimed she was "inconsolable" in the BBC's green room when she found herself in the bottom two on the dancing series. Claims of her diva-like behaviour have also been reported in the publication.

She addresses Wootton in the letter, claiming that the "fake" stories are disrupting her mental wellbeing.

Burke wrote: "Dan, everytime we have met, you've been lovely. I'm finding it very hard to read all of the lies that you have published about me. I've tried my best just to be strong and brush it all off but mentally it's taking its toll.

"It hurts so much to read another fake story when all I want to do is enjoy this journey on Strictly. Please spread love... life is just too short for all of this. With love, Alexandra."

The journalist responded sharply, claiming he would never write "fake news".

He said: "Hi Alex, we worked closely together for many years so you should know that I'd NEVER write fake news. You can be difficult. Nothing wrong with that. So can I.
But these stories are coming from people backstage and on Strictly unprompted to my team. Good luck on Saturday."

Wootton also said: "PS: All stories are always put to you and Strictly officially to allow you to respond. As we did previously, you can always speak to me direct about anything using all my contact details which you have!"

Fans have commented on the Twitter feud in their droves, with one person replying: "he's the absolute worst I can't imagine how hard it is but please, please try to focus on all the love and support you have and stay strong!!! You work so hard and you deserve to make the most of this time. We've got your back ".

Another slammed the editor, telling Burke: "He's disgusting and a bully ..The hate campaign he has against you is vile ..hold your head high Alexandra your doing amazing ! Don't let him tear you down ...Hoping and will be voting for u to win this".

While a third put: "He's a vindictive doubt he'll be begging u for an exclusive when you win! He works for The S*n...enough said!! "

Burke, who is partnered up with Gorka Marquez on the show, hinted to feeling upset by false rumours yesterday, telling her 702K followers: Because it's really hard to read lies. I have to say something... after the show on the weekend I actually WASN'T in the green room. I was in the physio room treating an injury and then went home. NO meltdown... just happy that we made it through another week xx".

Strictly Come Dancing continues this Saturday at 6:45pm on BBC1.