Alicia Vikander has set the temperature soaring in the latest red-branded trailer of her upcoming film Tulip Fever. The actress has stripped naked for a raunchy sex scene with co-star Dane DeHaan.

Directed by Justin Chadwick, the periodical drama is based on the Tulip mania phenomenon of the 17<sup>th century. However, the scandalous sex scene between the actors in the trailer has been deemed too racy for television and according to a news report, Fox was reluctant to air it.

The movie is adapted from a novel by Deborah Moggachn and narrates the story of a beautiful young woman Sophia Sandvoort (played by Vikander), who was forced to marry a much older bullish aristocrat, Cornelis Sandvoort.

She later falls in love with winsome painter Jan Van Loos (played by DeHaan), who was commissioned by the rich businessman to do a portrait of Sophia. However, strangers soon get attracted to each other and what started as timid professional physical contacts, it soon scorched to a sexually charged love affair.

"She has a rare beauty," DeHann's character says in the controversial trailer. "You've stolen my heart," a smitten Van Loos tells Sophia in another scene, to which she replied: "And you've stolen mine."

In the film, the love birds plan to elope from Cornelis' influential world in order to live a life built on love. "He will not stop looking for me unless I was dead," Sophia tells her painter lover. But ultimately love wins over fear and Vikander's character disguises herself as her maid to run away with DeHaan's character.

Thye film follows the couple's tumultuous journey as they later invest in the tulip market to turn their fortune and how their struggle to safeguard their identity from the looming threats of Cornelis.

Filmed in 2014, Tulip Fever was originally scheduled to premiere during last summer but after a delay of one year, the film will premiere on 1 September.