The unexpected plot twist featuring a major death in Power season 4 penultimate episode has left its fans reeling from the shock. Tariq has certainly become one of the most hated characters in the show after his rebellion in the dark world of drug and crime led to the death of one beloved St. Patrick's family member.

In the episode, James "Ghost" St. Patrick died an unfortunate death due to Tariq's errant journey inside the dark drug world. Ray Ray, dressed as a policeman came to hunt the only song of Ghost, but sensing the looming danger Riq hid behind a wall. Raina, who came looking for her twin brother confronted the villain. "I know who you are, Ray Ray. You need to leave my brother alone," she told him. But before Riq could think and act, Ray Ray shot his sister dead.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, show creator Courtney A. Kemp revealed the real reason why the death centered on Riq and not his father "Ghost". "It had a lot to do with the inevitable, which was that Tariq was getting more and more over his head in dealing with the world he doesn't understand. What is the natural consequence of messing with gangsters? You get hurt. And in this case, Tariq has also been raised in a family where lying is how it goes — this is what they do," she told the website.

Earlier in the episode, Tariq begged his sister not to tell anyone about his involvement in the robbery/murder case. "What we also liked is this idea that Tariq has told his sister that he doesn't want anyone to know, so she finds out and wants to tell mom, and he begs her, 'Please, don't tell anyone'. Well, she listens to him and it costs her life," Kemp continued. "And I think that is a really kind of beautiful way to tell that story. She loves her brother, her brother loves her, but at the end of the day, Tariq is possessed with the need to individuate from his parents and it blows up in his face. Unfortunately, she's the one who gets hurt."

In the show's future, the death of Raina will have a huge impact on the St. Patrick's family. As Ghost, who remained entangled in his own life, so much so that, he ignored his children and a result of which he lost his daughter. Now all he is left with is his son, who has rebelled against his father.

The show creator hints that the story will move forward to the father-son duo in future. "We wanted this story to really be about Tariq and, as a result, it's about his rebellion against his father. So it's about Ghost in one way, but in a lot of other ways it's actually really about, "Are criminals born or are they made?" Nature versus nurture. We always said that Raina is a truly good character and, you know on Power, if you're a good guy, you die."