At least 33 tourists, who were stranded overnight in cable cars in the French Alps around 3,800m above sea level near Mont Blanc – the highest mountain in the French Alps – were rescued on Friday (9 September).

According to reports, around 110 people were trapped after wires of the cable cars became tangled due to high winds on Thursday. The tourists, mostly Italian, French and US citizens, were on their way to Helbronner in Italy. Rescue operations began immediately and most of those trapped in the cable cars were safe brought to the ground using helicopters, but as night fell, the operations were suspended, leaving behind some tourists.

Those left behind were provided with food, water and blankets.

Chief of the cable car company, Mathieu Dechavanne said at around 8am local time (6am GMT): "It restarted five minutes ago, the last cable (which was blocking the system) was untangled."

According to BFM TV, as soon as the tangled cables were repaired all those trapped overnight were safely brought back to the base of the ride.

Previously, the company had said in a statement that it seemed the cables could cross over for "unexplained reasons" and added that they could come to a halt after being tangled in strong winds.

First aid workers had spent the night with the people trapped in the cars, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.