Ashton Kutcher wants an open dialogue on equality for women in the workplace. However, some of his topics of discussion didn't sit down too well with many female entrepreneurs.

The actor received backlash on social media after he released a list of questions to talk about on LinkedIn on 7 July (Friday).

Kutcher's proposed segments in the debate included, "What advice should we be giving to female entrepreneurs?" and "What are the Rules for dating in the work place? Flirting?" as well as "What are the clear red lines?"

Many LinkedIn users gave negative feedback on the Linkedin thread itself, while others took to Twitter to share their opinions.

Paradigm CEO Joelle Emerson tweeted, "Yikes. These are definitely *not* the right questions. Most rely on flawed assumptions and perpetuate problematic myths."

Another female user tweeted, "HOW CAN THIS BE REAL."

In a series of five tweets posted on 8 July (Saturday), Kutcher offered an explanation for his decision to post the questions.

Calling it a "learning experience", the No Strings Attached actor wrote, "Thank you everyone for the feedback on the questions I posted on LinkedIn. Good and bad. Already a learning experience."

He continued, "Looking to host an open live conversation on Monday morning on my FB page about gender equality in the work place."

In another series of tweets, he addressed the backlash and wrote, "I've already offended some folks by asking the wrong questions. I'm certain given the sensitivity of the topic I will say other things wrong. Hope we can find space to be wrong in the pursuit of getting it right.

"We have centuries of ground to make up in a short order & I don't want the basics to be off limits. some clearly don't yet get the basics," Kutcher concluded.