Tala Alamuddin, style icon and sister of Amal Clooney (nee Alamuddin), has become the target of critics for selling luxury, non medically approved face masks and hand sanitiser while the world is dealing with coronavirus pandemic.

Tala Alamuddin has been selling face masks and hand sanitiser for over $30 each on her fashion website "TALA," which will take 8 to 12 weeks to be ready. With this, Alamuddin has joined the likes of singer Toni Braxton, who recently caught similar heat for sporting a Louis Vuitton-branded version of face masks, as well as some Instagram influencers who have been flaunting bedazzled and logo-covered masks.

The face mask available on Tala's website for $33 has been named "Le Masque." The fashion mask with no medical benefits comes in different colours, denim, leopard, and camouflage prints.

"In our ever-changing world, WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED: some comfortable (and chic) coverage goes a long way. The luxury face coverup that offers protection with flair ... Le Masque is designed with the natural curves of your face in mind, to give you a snugger fit," read the description of the product on Tala's website.

Meanwhile, luxury "sanity stasher," available for purchase at $35, is described as: "Save your hand sanitiser and your sanity with the sensationally stylish TALA Sanity Stasher Zip Pouch." The sanitiser container which looks like a clutch is available in a variety of colours and patterns with names like "Punk Pink Camo," "Wicked White" and "Yo Yo Yellow."

"A member of Team TALA will be in touch to discuss all of the divine details (i.e. colour) of your new fashion statement, which will be ready to ship in 8 to 12 weeks," says the site. Though Tala has revealed that a portion of the proceeds earned from the face masks and sanitiser will go to the Singapore Red Cross to aid those affected by novel coronavirus, it hasn't reduced the amount of criticism the 47-year-old has been receiving online.

"Shame on you! This is just tacky and tone deaf," a user wrote on her face masks' advertisement on Instagram while another commented: "How incredibly disappointing — selling rip-off medical face masks (your #LeMasque) that absolutely DO NOT MEET N95 medical standards whatsoever... I expect more from a well known businesswoman with a world renown attorney sister... Stop taking advantage of this Global Pandemic and DO BETTER."

In her defence, Tala told Hello: "I've been an expat in Asia for over 20 years. Part of TALA brand's mission is to make a difference wherever we can to help those in need, through fashion. We created Le Masque as a response to help during these unprecedented, scary times. Masks are a staple in Asian households, and used regularly for colds, pollution, and cosmetic recovery."

Amal Clooney
Lawyer Amal Clooney speaks during a news conference in central London, Britain January 25, 2016. Reuters

"Our masks are NOT N95 certified, and should be considered a physical barrier for sneezing and colds with flair, but they are not medically certified. We are eager to support people during this trying time, so we've taken a stance and all profits from Le Masque sales will be donated to Red Cross Singapore in support of their efforts to those directly affected by coronavirus," the mother-of-one added.