Amber Rose took to social media on Saturday 18 June to share a video of her gushing over "big d***" while twerking her famous booty. The post comes just days after the model caused a commotion by sharing a photo of her unshaven crotch on Instagram.

In the video, the former stripper can be seen kneeling on her bed with her tongue out. Dressed in pink pyjamas held together with white ribbons, Rose caps her look with diamond earrings and a chunky gold watch.

When he's over 6'2, has a big Dick and a lot of money 🤑 Set by @fashionnova #ad

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"When he's over 6'2, has a big Dick and a lot of money Set by @fashionnova #ad," the mother-of-one captioned the twerking clip that she has shared with her 15.3 million followers on Instagram. It is unclear as to who she is talking about in the caption.

In another post, Rose joked about her sexual experience and confidence.

"When he thinks you're wholesome as f***, but you're really a hoe," she wrote alongside her photo.

The 33-year-old stirred up a storm last week by posting her unshaven crotch photo on Instagram. The photo was later removed by the social media site. Rose, however, did not take the photo and video sharing application's action lightly as she posted a video of her rolling her eyes with the caption, "When IG deletes your fire ass feminist post but you really don't give a f**k because everyone picked it up already."

The real reason why Rose posted the photo was later revealed. A source told HollywoodLife that the reality TV star shared the X-rated photo because she wants to provide an "alternative body image" for young girls around the world.

"Amber is very proud of her body and loves to show it off," a source told the gossip site. "She loves to push people's buttons and cause controversy, what better way to do that than with a naked pic? Instagram took the photo down because of it's nude policy, which Amber is pissed about but there's nothing she can do."

Amber Rose
An edited version of the deleted, shocking photo Amber Rose Instagram