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American Horror Story Freak Show Halloween special will introduce the legend of Edward Mordrake FX

American Horror Story: Freak Show Halloween special has something scary in store for fans.

Executive producer Ryan Murphy teased an urban myth in the two-episode Halloween special, "Edward Mordrake Parts I and II."

Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that the next episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show will delve into the legend of Edward Mordrake, a two-faced man who may or may not have existed during the 19th century.

He said, "Well in American Horror Story what we like to do is tackle horror myths and Edward Mordrake is an amazing myth. There are some people who say its real and there are photos online that purport to be autopsy photos and there are other people who say it's not. It's exploring the story of the Victorian era madman who reportedly was born with another face on the back of his head that would whisper and force the good part of him to do horrible, evil things. There was a period based on our research that involved a freak show so that's part of the myth."

Wes Bentley will be essaying the role of Edward Mordrake in the FX show.

Bentley will appear in the show's two-part Halloween episode as Eddie, a dark tormentor from Kathy Bates' past who is hell-bent on revenge.

Previously, while speaking to Hollywood reporter Ryan Murphy talked more about Edward Moedrake's mythical character.

Murphy said the annual two-parter is based on the legend of Edward Mordrake and how carnival "freaks" would take Halloween off because they believed their music would summon Mordrake to collect one of them and take them to hell.

"We took that myth and ran with it — and that's the episode where Jessica sings Lana Del Rey."

The second episode of Freak Show introduced us to strongman Dell Toledo (Michael Chiklis) and his three breasted wife Desiree (Angela Bassett) and a bizzare bond between Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch) and Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock).

The American Freak show two part Halloween special 22nd October and 29th October respectively on FX.