American horror story hotel
Lady Gaga has been roped in to play the lead character in FX's American Horror Story: Hotel. FX

American Horror Story season 5 is slated to debut in mid-October on FX channel.

Singing sensation Lady Gaga will be starring in the upcoming season, titled Hotel, which will be of 13 episodes.

Here are a few things we know of AHS season 5 so far

Lady Gaga's twisted role

The singer also gave the fans a teaser on her upcoming role in American Horror Story.

She tweeted:

Lady Gaga starts filming for AHS season 5

Lady Gaga apparently had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction while filming something for FX's American Horror Story: Hotel.

Gaga had reportedly been doing a scene for American Horror Story when her breast got exposed, according to a new report by E! Online. FX does not allow such nudity in their programming so it seems that this was an accident. She was filming the scene in a New York City limousine Saturday night.

It may be surprising to American Horror Story fans that Gaga would be filming something already for the show, which usually starts shooting in the summer through the fall.

Hidden clue

A clue for season 5 was carefully hidden in last season's Freak Show.

In the October 29 episode, the camera noticeably focused on a paper coffee cup with a large top-hat logo. Ryan Murphy told EW back in October, "That is a big season 5 clue! It's an arcane clue, but it's very purposeful, and it illuminates something that you'll be like, 'Oh! You dirty bastard!'"

Entertainment Weekly, confirmed that the image was directing viewers not only to the theme (the classic 1935 film Top Hat is set in a hotel) but also to Gaga (the song Cheek To Cheek was written originally for Top Hat and is the title of Gaga's current duet album with Tony Bennett).

Although the details about what role Gaga will be playing at this hotel is still a mystery, fans are guessing another scary instalment of the FX anthology series is on its way in October.

Evan Peters will be seen in season 5

Evan Peters may have confirmed that he will be in season 5 of FX's American Horror Story this October.

Speaking to Interview magazine, Peters said, "No. It's kind of amazing; I don't know anything.

"It's an interesting way to work where you're living in the moment and making decisions for your character in the moment. You have to go with your gut on everything-try not to over-think things. That tends to make me doubt what I did, but then that's always the case. I'm a worrier. I have to accept that and just be a worrier."

A musical American Horror story?

With Lady Gaga signed in for the lead role, we might get to see a musical horror filled episode.

Also, with music being such a big part of AHS: Freak Show, Evan Peters was also asked if music would be involved in season 5.

"I have no idea. I really don't know. Lady Gaga is in the next season, so there might be some singing. I wish I knew!" he said.