American Horror Story season 6 returns with a new episode this Wednesday (28 September) at 10pm EST on FX network. Shelby and Matt Miller alongside Lee will search for Flora in the woods in AHS: Roanoke episode 3.

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In episode 2 of the FX series, Shelby and Matt called local police's help to deal with the problems they are facing, including a burning totem outside the house and the mysterious presence inside the house. However, such paranormal events continue to happen.

The couple made an important discovery, and found a storm cellar in the backyard, and learned about the history of the house, from its previous owner's video journals. Also, Lee brings her daughter to the house by violating custody agreement. However, it turns into a nightmare for her as Flora goes missing. Lee, Shelby and Matt started searching for the little girl and found her sweatshirt on the top a pine tree by the end of the episode.

A promo for episode 3 opens with Shelby, Matt and Lee looking for Flora in the wood as Lee says, "There is no fear like the fear of losing a child." Matt also talks about a mind trick in the promo as he adds, "Walking in that forest, your minds starts to play tricks. I couldn't explain. Even if I could, what happens next... made absolutely no sense."

The video then shows windows breaking down and Matt discovering something shocking in the refrigerator. The local police arrive at the house as the video ends with Lee asking to turn off the cameras. Is Flora okay? We will have to watch this Wednesday's episode to find out.