Amy Winehouse
British pop singer Amy Winehouse died aged 27. Reuters.

Fred Perry will release the fall 2011 and spring 2012 lines which Amy Winehouse collaborated on, which will be available in Fred Perry and other stores carrying the brand.

After talking things over with Winehouse's family, the English clothing brand have decided to release the remaining two seasons, reports the Cut.

After the singers demise it was revealed that Winehouse had been working closely with British street fashion company Fred Perry on a series of designs, and had already put out two successful collections for the brand.

In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, Amy Winehouse spoke of three more collections she had completed with Fred Perry, taking the collaboration through to Autumn/Winter 2012.

Having first collaborated in October 2010, Fred Perry described the collaboration as a mesh of classic Fred Perry pieces with a fresh twist of Amy's attitude and style.'

The collection consisted of a fifties-inspired range with twinsets, gingham, pencil skirts and capri pants, which old well, as did a follow up Hawaiian-inspired Spring/Summer collection that launched in March.

Richard Martin, a marketing manager from Fred Perry, told Harper's Bazaar that Amy was a 'delight' to work with.

"Bright, passionate, and dedicated, with strong ideas of exactly what it was that she wanted from the range,' Mr Martin said." "Detailing, fabrics-she was all over it. All over it"

Profits from this latest collection will go to the forthcoming Amy Winehouse Foundation, which will be set up by her father Mitch at her Camden Flat.