Seven years after "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", Angelina Jolie and partner Brad Pitt will be seen together on-screen again.

According to Contact Music, the "Moneyball" actor is in negotiations for a part in a Ridley Scott film which could see him star alongside his wife. Filming is set to begin in the summer in Europe and if Pitt does take the part, it could be a very interesting film since the couple do not usually do films at the same time.

Apparently the closeness on the sets of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, is what is reported to have led to the divorce of Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Pitt and Jolie eventually became partners and are now parents to six children.

"We're not ones to repeat ourselves but we'd like to because right now we're hop-scotching with films so one can be with the kids and one is free to work," Pitt said last year, when asked about working together.

Ridley Scott's new film, "The Counselor" is, according to the Daily Mail, the story of a lawyer who decides to involve himself with the drug cartels but finds it is an all-or-nothing business. However, it is unclear, at this moment, if Jolie will play the lead role or a smaller one.

"[It's a story of how] you shouldn't play with the devil, don't step across the line, don't think you can do it and get away with it. You can't," Scott was quoted as saying.

The film is expected to be shot in June so that it does not affect Jolie's July schedule. She is also involved in another project with Scott - a biopic of Gertrude Bell - the British archaeologist who played an influential role in Middle East diplomacy in the first half of the 20th century.