Amid the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce war, a recent had claimed that Jolie's British friends – Arminka Helic and Chloe Dalton – got between the estranged couple's marriage last year. While the actress is indeed close to Helic and Dalton, the report that the "two witches" caused the rift seem to be a bit dragged.

The allegations originally published in The Sun were looked into by Gossip Cop, and according to the website it is "sad" that Jolie's political peers are being dragged into her divorce battle with Pitt.

"They are quintessentially British and would never presume to involve themselves in her personal decisions," an alleged source told the gossip refuting site assuring that Hague's Bosnian-born ex-adviser and the House of Lords member have no role as such in the much-publicised split of the year.

In fact, considering their English origins, the report notes that none of them are "overly familiar" with the dynamics of the US divorce laws.

The Sun report claimed that according to a long-time staff member, Jolie and her political pals "are in cahoots together and it's Brad who loses out". The source quoted referred to Helic and Dalton as the "two witches" who allegedly got involved in the divorce "war" causing a rift between the pair.

Apparently Pitt too was angry over the duo's blossoming friendship with his wife in the last year of their marriage, the report claimed.

Helic and Dalton first worked with the 41-year-old actress in 2012 and their work was credited by the former British foreign secretary William Hague as an inspiration.

"Initially when they came into Angie's life it was entirely about the political and her charitable side, and then in this past period of time it took on a whole other life. It became very intense," the alleged source was quoted as saying.