Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise stars as Nick Morton in The Mummy Getty

Hollywood's two big names — Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe — co-star in the upcoming "monster movie" The Mummy, and if their words are any indication, there will be some "epic" action scenes on-screen.

Cruise, who plays the lead role of Nick Morton in the movie, recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight and dished out some juicy details about The Mummy.

"This is a real monster movie," Cruise told the website adding, "It's also going to have humour, some romance and it's very, very scary. There are some scenes and sequences in here that are really epic and people are going to jump."

While the 54-year-old actor dished details about the movie's plot, he also revealed a "great fight scene" shot with his co-star Crowe, who plays Dr Henry Jekyll in the first movie of Universal's shared universe. "He is incredible in it. He's such a fine actor and I just had a lot of fun watching him develop that character," Cruise said.

"And we had some great scenes together — a really great fight scene between the two of us, and it was a blast doing."

The first trailer of The Mummy introduced an element of horror in the form of an awakened Egyptian princess. While the action begins in modern day with Cruise's character Morton embarking on a doomed journey, the plot soon traverses into a new world — "of gods and monsters".

As the awakened princess played by Sofia Boutella rises from the dead, she brings along with her "malevolence" and "terror" that is beyond "human comprehension".

Considering the star-studded cast of The Mummy with names such as Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson and Courtney B Vance starring alongside Cruise and Crowe, it is only natural that fans have high expectations from it. This would also be the first time that the two stars — Cruise and Crowe —share screen space despite being "good friends" for years.

"I was really good friends with Tom from probably about '92 or so until he got divorced," the Australian actor had said earlier, before joking, "When he got divorced, I was part of Nicole [Kidman]'s settlement and so we didn't see each other."

However, the 52-year-old Crowe added, "I always had a great deal of respect for what he does and I'm really looking forward to being in front of a camera with him".

The Mummy hits theatres on 9 June 2017.