Michael Douglas as Hank Pym in Ant-Man Marvel

Marvel's Ant-Man has opened to a good response at the box office and while the studio has not shared any plans regarding a sequel yet, actor Michael Douglas, who plays Hank Pym in the movie, has expressed interest to reprise his character in another film.

"It'd be great. It'd be wonderful if it [sequel] comes up, but there's no... I haven't heard any plans or anything," the actor said in a recent interview with Wall Street Journal.

However, Douglas went on to tease, "...But I gather, at the famous Marvel end credits tease, you get a sense of what might happen in the future. I don't want to spoil that for people who haven't seen the movie."

Ant-Man's storyline is definitely part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe with the superhero already confirmed to appear in the 2016 Captain America 3: Civil War. It's quite likely that Douglas' Hank Pym may also appear in future Marvel movies.

Meanwhile, the actor also shared that working on Ant-Man was a very enjoyable and different experience for him as he had never been part of a similar setup before.

"It was a wonderful shot in the arm. I'd never done anything like this. I've always been a little envious of people who have been in them: Jack Nicholson is a dear friend of mine, Danny DeVito. Then combine that with the incredible batting average that Marvel has. I just thought it was a tremendous opportunity. I was fascinated by the special effects," Douglas explained.

He added, "I hadn't done any movies with special effects. I was pretty curious to see how it went. I just loved going between the units. We were in the first unit, obviously, the principal actors, but you had the second unit with the stunt guys, the third unit with the special effects, and the fourth unit was with the ants. I just found it fascinating to see how they put it all together."