A pastor who preaches at an anti-gay marriage church in Indiana has been charged after allegedly squeezing a man's genitals and begging him for oral sex, it has been claimed.

Gayland Williams allegedly accosted a 27-year-old man and requested oral sex, at a nature spot called Cypress Lake. He reportedly wound down his car window and grabbed the man's privates.

Williams preaches at the Praise Cathedral Church, which staunchly opposes same sex marriages.

Williams apparently only backed off when the alleged victim appeared to be about to pull out a gun, at which point Williams sped away from the scene. Unfortunately for him, Williams' car registration was noted by the man, who then reported the incident to police.

Police in Jackson County claim they later found gay pornography in Williams' car, according to court documents.

The 59-year-old was charged was battery at Jackson County Superior Court.

A fellow church worker at the Praise Cathedral Church, defended Williams to news outlet WLKY.

Caleb Funke said: "We're all sinners".