'Apex Legends' getting its own e-sports tournament
Respawn Entertainment announced that its popular battle royale shooter "Apex Legends" is getting its own e-sports tournament. Photo: Respawn Entertainment

This week, "Apex Legends" players may delve into their wallets and take advantage of the game's Black Friday sale. But compared to prior sales, this one offers a bit more value for most gamers. For the event, some coveted and fan-favorite Legendary skins are receiving new recolors, and additional new Legendary skins are also up for sale.

Octane's brand-new streetwear skin, appropriately dubbed Run the Streets, will be the star of the show this time. In the new skin, Octane is depicted in a more relaxed environment, donning a hoodie instead of his customary sleek designs and a baseball cap in place of his helmet. The new skin, which also includes a new Octane emote, will be sought after by Octane mains.

The Black Friday sale in 2022 has a lot more items available than it did in previous years when it mostly consisted of bundles of Apex Packs and skins that were not Legendaries or returning skins. For example, Rampart's Cleanup Crew and Lifeline's ever-popular Guardian Angel skins are both getting recolored. Perhaps of the most interesting of the bunch is the Mirage Night Crawler Legendary recolor, which was first made available as part of the Apex Legends and Market partnership.

The characters' looks are now done in black and burgundy with vivid golden accents in all of the new skins for their recolored forms. The new skins offer an overall sharp look for all three legends.

Rampart's Crimson Fixer and Mirage's Red Alert skins are particularly noteworthy to enthusiasts because of their scarcity. Both skins have only been made available in Apex twice in the past and neither skin has a recolored version until now. With the "Apex Legends" Black Friday sale, players can now purchase a new and enhanced version of either skin.

Each skin is offered as a bundle with the Repeat Offender for the EVA-8, a new Legendary skin. Even though some players might not be happy about the fact that they can only purchase a legend skin bundled with the weapon skin, at least the Repeat Offender is one of the highly sought skins in the game. As one of the rare Legendaries, it has animated features along the shotgun's barrel and gives an overall sleek yet aggressive look to the weapon.