'Apex Legends' getting its own e-sports tournament
Respawn Entertainment announced that its popular battle royale shooter "Apex Legends" is getting its own e-sports tournament. Photo: Respawn Entertainment

Every new season in "Apex Legends," which usually lasts around three months, brings with it new content to the game, such as new playable characters, new weapons, and buyable cosmetic items, which explains the excitement of players with the arrival of each new season. Seasons often come with time-limited battle passes that grant new cosmetic items to players who successfully fulfill in-game tasks. Seasons can bring modifications to the map and new gameplay components in addition to new cosmetic items.

The first "Apex Legends" season, titled "Wild Frontier," began on March 19, 2019, and lasted until June 18. Meanwhile, the current "Apex Legends" season 14 titled "Hunted" started on August 9, 2022.

'Apex Legends' season 15 start date

As in previous seasons, developer Respawn Entertainment is continuing the pattern of starting the new season on the same day the previous season ends. Since Season 14 ends on November 1, it means that Season 15 will also start on that date.

'Apex Legends' season 15 new map

In the massive "Apex Legends" Season 12 leak that revealed Valkyrie's heirloom, Newcastle, Vantage, and other cosmetics that were later proven to be true. The same leak also revealed a new battle royale map codenamed "Divided Moon." Now, there are speculations that this "Divided Moon" map might be introduced in Season 15, according to GameSpot.

The moon referred to is probably Cleo, the fragmented moon of Seer's planet Boreas. On the day of Seer's birth, a meteor hit Cleo and largely destroyed the moon. Boreas has been continuously hit by fragments of Cleo over the past 26 years, and the partially destroyed moon has caused the planet to experience dramatic temperature swings at the poles and the equator, as well as major disruptions in the ocean tides. In 50 to 70 years, Boreas is predicted to be utterly uninhabitable.

After Season 13, these events—along with Seer's lack of attempts to fix the issues facing his home planet—were publicized throughout Syndicate space courtesy of reporter Lisa Stone, who linked the legend to Boreas' ongoing decline. Seer worked to correct that misunderstanding and support his home planet for a portion of Season 14's Quest before getting the idea to bring the Apex Games to Boreas and benefit the local economy there.

'Apex Legends' season 15 to introduce Catalyst

Tressa "Catalyst" Smith, a new defender, joins "Apex Legends" in Season 15. "The experienced terraformer and defensive conjurer Tressa Smith uses her remarkable control of ferrofluid to manipulate the battlefield," Respawn described the new legend.

Although Catalyst's skills haven't yet been revealed by Respawn, the Divided Moon leak that was discussed earlier, revealed multiple characters in varying stages of completion, including Catalyst. Respawn could have abandoned this Catalyst version months ago, considering that the leak is now almost seven months old. If nothing has changed, on the other hand, fans can expect Catalyst to have the ability to create constructs for her team to protect her teammates from harm and make it simpler to go to specific spots using ferrofluid.