Fans of Respawn Entertainment's futuristic free-to-play battle royale shooter are gearing up for another big update. Season 4 of the popular team-based first-person combat title is scheduled to launch next week on Tuesday, February 4. Recently, several "Apex Legends" developers hosted a live stream to give players an idea of what to expect in terms of gameplay tweaks and additional content. It was noted that the new season will be called "Assimilation" and will see the arrival of a new character called Forge. However, it seems that the game studio had something else in mind.

During the broadcast, the team looked back at the early days when the game was still taking shape. They likewise discussed the milestones that were made along the way up until now. What followed was a brief retrospective of what went wrong with the first season and the steps that were taken to avoid the same mistake. Perhaps the most interesting segment of the presentation came halfway when fans were reminded that "Apex Legends" is celebrating its first anniversary.

To commemorate the occasion, those who log in will be treated to several rewards such as a gun charm, badges, and an XP boost to help new players level up faster. Furthermore, "Apex Legends" Season 4 welcomes a new Legend to the roster in the form of an MMA fighter who wanted to move on to another form of competition. Other than official artwork and a brief background on Forge, there were no gameplay details offered whatsoever.

What came after several other in-game teasers for the upcoming character was a new trailer wherein James "The Forge" McCormick was being interviewed by a female host of what appears to be a talk show sponsored by Hammond Robotics. The latter is also revealed to be the same company that sponsored him, but what came after was a shocking twist, reports Forbes.

Shortly after the new Legend was hinted at by the developer stream, several Reddit users claimed that Season 4 of "Apex Legends" may include more than one new character. It seems that these rumours were indeed true because in the middle of the introduction trailer for Forge he was murdered by Revenant. Respawn Entertainment might really have more than one new character ready by the time "Assimilation" goes live next week.

'Apex Legends' getting its own e-sports tournament
Respawn Entertainment announced that its popular battle royale shooter "Apex Legends" is getting its own e-sports tournament. Photo: Respawn Entertainment