Apple Watch Sport limited edition models
Apple announces release of exclusive Apple Watch Sport models for Chinese New Year Apple

Apple has just announced the release details of two new exclusive Apple Watch Sport models to celebrate the Chinese New Year on 8 February. The announcement includes the market details where the wearable would be available for sale until 22 February or while stocks last.

Here is what Apple has announced on its official website that includes the Buy Now and Shop Now links for purchasing the product:

Exclusive models for Chinese New Year...We're celebrating the new year with two special Apple Watch Sport models, available until 22 February.

It is now confirmed that Apple will be launching the two models in markets where the Chinese New Year is celebrated especially China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Multiple reports suggest that Apple had earlier taken down a premature announcement on its website after realising its mistake prior to the launch of the new watch models. Although pre-orders are now live on the Apple Online Store, there is still no word on the exact release date for the watches.

Mashable says the watches will be available between 15 January and 22 February in yellow gold aluminium and silver aluminium with RED sport bands. The 38mm carries a pre-order price-tag of £248 or S$518 ($363) and the 42mm retails at £287 or S$598 ($419).

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