Foxconn Recruiter Interviewed
Photo of the booth where the Foxconn recruiter was sitting when the TV crew took her interview... iPhonehacks

According to a report today, a Foxconn recruiter has revealed Apple will release the next-gen iPhone in June.

A television program on Tokyo's World Business Satellite (WBS) show includes footage showing Foxconn's personnel recruitment office, where the leaked interview apparently took place.

Here are the excerpts of the interview, as reported on by AppleInsider:

  • "In one recorded scene, a woman asked a Foxconn recruiter how many people the factory is looking to hire."
  • "We're looking for 18,000 employees...for the fifth-generation phone," said the recruiter.
  • "Is that because demand is high for the 'iPhone 5?'" she asked.
  • "That's right. It will come out in June," replied the recruiter."

It is unclear from the conversation if the discussion is about the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 5 (as the sixth-gen phone has been popularly tagged) but the fact that it appears to be launching in June suggests it is indeed the iPhone 5.

The exact name of the product, incidentally, remains a mystery. Apple could choose to call it anything from the new iPhone (a-la the new iPad), the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 6 (considering the iPhone 4S should have been the iPhone 5).

However, as far as release dates are concerned, it is unlikely that Apple will hasten the iPhone's release before June as this will not only break its traditional launch cycle but also hinder iPhone 4S sales, which are doing very well.

It should be remembered, as a report on 9to5 Mac points out, iPhone release information comes from an unreliable source and we may not see the new smartphone until much later than June.

The new iPhone is expected, nevertheless, to have a larger screen than the traditional 3.5in display, support 4G LTE networks andfeature a new micro-dock connector.