Apple iPhone 6S, 6S Plus
Apple iPhone 6s Plus with 2GB RAM bests Samsung Galaxy Note 5 4GB RAM variant in new test  Getty Images

Apple's iPhone 6s Plus released in September has outperformed rival Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 high-end smartphone in a series of new tests. The tests were conducted to check the speed of the devices.

Check out the video of the latest tests conducted by PhoneBuff.

Here, an iPhone 6s Plus (with 2GB RAM) clearly outperforms the Galaxy Note 5 that has a 4GB RAM on-board. In the first round of tests, the time both the smartphones took to load and exit apps were measured.

In the second test the time the iPhone 6s Plus and Galaxy Note 5 took during multi-tasking were measured.

In the first test, the iPhone 6s Plus clocked a total of 49sec, in comparison to the Galaxy Note 5's 51sec. As far as multi-tasking is concerned, the iPhone 6s took no time to reopen previously launched applications. This increased the overall speed of the 6s Plus, in comparison to the Galaxy Note 5 that was found to consume comparatively more time to invoke previously launched apps.

The total time taken by the 6s Plus, in the second round of test was 1:13 seconds when compared to 1:29 seconds taken by Galaxy Note 5. Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus also scored high in recent benchmark tests carried out on a number of parametres such as browser speed, battery life and memory read-write speeds. Click here to view these benchmarks.

[Source: Redmond Pie].