With less than a week before the first-ever online-only press event from Apple, many rumours are surfacing about products it might be unveiling. Aside from the speculated debut of the AirPods Studio, AirTags, a new iMac, Arm-based Macs, and iOS 14, the iPhone 12 might be revealed. A couple of months ago, supply chain analysts were surprisingly accurate when they predicted the release of the 2020 iPhone SE and MacBook Air. Now, the latest buzz hints that the company might ship its upcoming flagship smartphone without an iconic accessory.

Among the improvements consumers can expect from the iPhone 12 is supposedly a new design, a more powerful processor, improved display refresh rates, and 5G connectivity. However, it appears that some potential buyers of the handset might be discouraged once they find out what's missing. Aside from its tablets, wearables, and computers, it has been a common practice for the company to include a pair of wired earphones with the iPod and iPhone.

According to Tom's Guide, 2020 might mark the end of this as sources claim the new iPhone will no longer ship with EarPods in the box. The news was apparently shared by Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives, who stated: "Our checks that likely no wired EarPods will come in the iPhone 12 box/packaging." Additionally, renowned KGI Securities supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also hinted about the move just recently.

Some suspect that given the overwhelming popularity of the brand's AirPods, AirPods Pro, and eventually the alleged AirPods Studio, Apple might have pushed for the EarPods exclusion to encourage consumers to go wireless instead. Meanwhile, others seem to find the decisions favourable given that many do not even use the included audio accessory.

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In 2016, Apple made the bold decision of removing the headphone jack from its smartphones. This continued to all succeeding models, which were supplied with EarPods that came with a Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter until the iPhone X. Moving forward, it then packaged a new set of EarPods that sports a Lightning connector at the end. It remains to be seen if the company does follow-through with the speculation and how iPhone 12 will appear less-appealing without the accessory out of the box.

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