Apple Music hits 10 million subscribers
Apple Music has now 11 million paid subscribers, executives Cue and Federighi have said Getty Images

Apple Music has hit 11 million subscribers barely a month after the company announced it had reached the 10 million milestone in January. Cupertino executives Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi revealed the figures while speaking on John Gruber's podcast, The Talk Show.

Apple had been keen to catch up with rival music streaming services, being itself a relative latecomer to the scene. In that, the company has succeeded – Apple Music grew to over 10 million subscribers within six months of being launched. In comparison, Spotify took six years to hit the same milestone.

While the rival service currently enjoys an industry lead – boasting 20 million members as of June 2015 – it has already been outstripped by Apple in terms of growth rate. Apple Music recently introduced support for Sonos speaker systems and, given that the company has a huge pre-installed user base at its fingertips (all iPhones ship with Apple Music), it's clear to see why Apple is a concern for Spotify. At the same time, Amazon is also reported to be planning a pop at Spotify's crown.

Cue and Federighi also revealed on the show that Apple now boasts 782 million iCloud users across one billion active Apple devices. They also shed light on the incoming update to the company's Apple TV remote app, which The Next Web reports will incorporate Siri voice commands and gesture controls.