The next iPhone is not due until much later in the year, but industry insiders are consistently sharing tidbits of what might be on the way. As of now, it is established that there should be more than three iPhone 12 models currently in development. Others report that an affordable handset – most likely the iPhone SE 2 – is due to launch this March. These appear to suggest that there could be even more new products slated to come out in 2020. Meanwhile, a reliable source of Apple news might have an idea of what these are.

MacRumors reveals that the prediction comes from a renowned analyst for all things Apple-related Ming-Chi Kuo. In fact, he has been credited for a string of accurate forecasts related to several products that were eventually released by the American tech group. Despite, his great track record, there were still instances wherein he made some wrong calls. Hence, the following details should be taken with pinch of salt for now.

New iPad Pro

In a related news article, supply chain sources claim that Apple is already on the right track with the iPadOS and iPad Pro series. The only facet that needed improvement was the Smart Keyboard accessory. Thus, consumers might see a new version this year that sports scissor-switch components with backlit keys. It will possibly launch alongside a new iPad Pro that flaunts a triple-camera system that supports 3D sensing.

Unnamed High-End Headphones

The Cupertino, California-based manufacturer already basks in the success of its true-wireless series of earbuds: the AirPods and AirPods Pro. Therefore, it seems logical that it will try to penetrate the full-sized headphones segment of the market with a model of its own. Iconic audio brand Beats is owned by Apple and it could borrow some of the tech and come up with one of its own.

Ultra-Wideband Tags

Although it is not yet official, sources were able to stumble upon evidence that Apple has plans to make a smart tag system akin to that of Tile. The name "AirTags" is being thrown around, but its not yet final. Since some consumers usually own more than one device from the brand, these accessories will help organise and keep track of what is missing. In theory, the wideband channel it uses will make it easier and more accurate to locate lost items.

Wireless Charging Mat

After Apple cancelled the highly anticipated AirPower wireless charging platform, those who own any of the supported products reportedly felt cheated. In 2020, Kuo believes a more compact version is under development and will ship out to retailers soon.

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