Apple Watch Hermes
Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour wraps around the wrist twice. Because fashion. Reuters

Just as whispers of a second-generation Apple Watch start to leak out of the rumour mills, the company's £1,350 Hermès edition is about to land on the online store for the first time. Previously only sold through Hermès' own channels, the range of three watches will be available on from 22 January.

Given the Apple Watch 2 is expected to be announced in the first half of this year, the timing of this launch is a bit strange. Or perhaps this is Hermès and Apple fighting to sell off stock which they couldn't shift through posh high street stores?

Either way, this news means for between £500 and £800 more than the regular stainless steel Apple Watch you can now buy one with a leather strap and a slightly different digital face, complete with the Hermès logo. There are three models of Apple Watch Hermès , with various sizes and colours thrown in for good measure.

Apple Watch Hermès Collection
Apple Watch Hermes Double Tour comes in multiple sizes and colours Apple

First up is the £1,000 Single Tour, which has a conventional leather strap, is available in both the 38mm and 42mm case sizes, and is sold in Fauve (brown) and Noir (black). The 38mm Single Tour is also available in Capucine (orange).

Next is the Double Tour, which wraps around the wrist twice for reasons completely unknown. I guess 'because fashion' is the only real answer here. This can only be had with the 38mm case, but comes in four colours – Fauve, Etain (grey), Capucine and Blue Jean (a sort of teal blue). This one costs £1,150.

Finally there is the Cuff, which is only available with the 42mm case and has a much wider strap than any other Apple Watch. A bit like a cuff, really. This one only comes in Fauve (brown, because you have probably forgotten which that was) and costs £1,350.

So that's the Apple Watch Hermès , a smartwatch that is more fashion than technology, and which will soon be available to the great unwashed masses of the internet.