April Fools Day: Google Maps gets boogie with Funky Town Pegman disco dancing party
Pegman becomes Area 51’s latest extraterrestrial visitor Google

Google is infamous for its April Fools' pranks and this year is no different. Google Maps has been converted into a funky dance party, thanks to Funky Town Pegman. The normally featureless figure has been dressed up in a groovy 1970's disco attire and breaks into some funky disco moves.

If you open up the Google Maps browser, you are sure to notice that the Pegman Street View has undergone a 1970's makeover, full with a purple suit and even a snazzy beard. That's not all. Disco Pegman will perform some moves for you, provided you know where to look.

Open the Google Maps app on your smartphone and go to the top and select "Visit Funky Town in the Google Maps App". You will need to select your phone type from a menu and remain logged in to your Google Account. Once the process is completed, head to "Explore Nearby" and tap on "Funky Town" and behold, Pegman gets groovy right on your smartphone.

In honour of Funky Town Pegman, Google Map's official Twitter account even changed its name to Groovy Maps and has since been posting some funky tweets.

Google developers are known for their predilection for coding in jokes of such kind hidden within the system's programmes in Google's most popular services. This year, Google developers sneaked in an Easter Egg into Maps to celebrate the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for Nintendo Wii U on 4 March.

In 2015, Google created a website called com.google which was essentially a reversed search engine. In 2014, Google converted Maps into a worldwide Pac-Man gaming field, offering users the ability to play the popular classic arcade-turned-video game on the streets of the world. The tech giant also issued a Pokemon challenge to Maps users to find and catch hidden Pokemon figures.

Earlier this year, Google pranked users into thinking that they were shutting down YouTube and also launched Google Nose, a fictional product that offered users the ability to smell stuff on the internet.