Lindsay Lohan's latest promotional post on social media about her lifestyle website, Preemium, has not been received well by many of her followers.

The Mean Girls actor posted a blurry photo of herself on Instagram with a "Preemium" tag on it. She captioned the image: "Yes :) "get all my private pictures and videos" #preemium #link in bio."

Yes :) "get all my private pictures and videos" #preemium #link in bio

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Soon after, fans slammed her for her "premium advertising" with a user commenting, "I'm gonna stop following you because of the premium advertising thingy I'm not gonna be a bank for rich unsociable people tyvm bunt I'm out bye have a good life!"

"No adverts. F**k off, " wrote another user. "Fake accent, fake life, fake broad. Nuff said," was another comment. One of her followers questioned, "Why? Is it that premium has some thing that Instagram doesn't support or is it mo[re].money?"

This all-access pass to Lohan's life will cost around $2.99 (£1.69) a month. A follower of her noted, "Is this the thing where you have to pay thousands to view pictures??? Good look with that."

"I am poor man can't afford," said another. "Are you that broke?" wondered one fan.

Some fans seemed concerned that her account may have been hacked. "Some piece of s**t hacked her account. F**k you, you prick. Go f**k yourself," a user replied.

Some users seemed least interested in viewing her private pictures, "Nobody needs your private pictures," noted a user, as another simply commented, "No thanks."

However, some fans have come out in support of her as well. "Omg you're such an inspiration I love you keep doing what your doing and live freely," one fan wrote.

An ardent fan of hers said, "I'd love for you to put out new music personally. I'm so glad it seems you're doing well, I've been a fan a long time and am always rooting for you."

Lohan's lifestyle site, Preemium, is a hosting platform for different celebrities and influencers to share personal blog posts, videos, and more. Lohan's site promises the following: "You will get personal diaries, video updates, exclusive personal photos, breaking news, fashion and beauty tutorials, shopping guides, behind the scenes content and much more."