Kanye West's new track Cruel Winter features fellow rapper Big Sean whose brief rap has sparked rumours that his lyrics were meant for his ex-girlfriend, singer Ariana Grande.

"I say a prayer for my enemies. They cannot slow down what's meant for me. Funny how they come around like I can't see through their secret identities. Lately it's all about Zen and me. Subtractin' the negative energy. With the family, turn you're a## to a memory," the 28-year-old American singer rapped in Yeezy's song compilation.

According to a report by Hollywood Life, the Dangerous Woman singer considers the "negative energy" comment is directed to wards her. "Big Sean used to accuse her of being too much drama. When they fought he'd say she was bringing him down so it makes sense that he'd say she was negative," a source told the website.

The Problem singer is reportedly not happy about the lyrics and considers the words as "unkind" and "lame". "Ariana thinks it's so lame that he'd drag up this old BS, not to mention he's the one being negative not her. It actually makes her feel like she's winning, he's the one writing about her, not the other way around," the same source added.

After dating for eight months, the music couple broke up in April 2015 and rumours were abuzz that the former lovers are bitter about each other post their split. According to a report by Hollywood Life, after 22-year-old Grande's doughnut licking scandal in July last year, rapper Big Sean called her behaviour 'immature and rude'.

However with time, both the singers moved on in their life until the new Yeezy song which seems to have reignited the bad blood between the two.

"When they broke up she moved on no problem, she didn't dwell on their break-up or write about it because she'd rather just focus on the positive things in her life. Sean is always talking about how positive he is but this song just proves he's not as perfect as he likes to think, Ariana is laughing about it," the insider added.