Social media queen Ariel Winter has sparked a fresh round of debate with a series of sensuous snaps.

Decked in a sexy black corset-dress, the teen star sizzled in a latest magazine photo, but only to be blasted by her fans over allegations of using photoshop.

The glamorous shots showed the Modern Family star raising temperatures in a form-fitting outfit that clings to her bodice before flowing into an elegant train. Winter further added to the old Hollywood charm in the pictures by striking a supermodel pose and with her retro-style hair.

However, the thing that seems to have caught fans' eyes is the 19-year-old TV star's "slim" figure in the picture, which many of her fans believe was photoshopped.


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"Photoshoped. She's not that slim," one Instagram user accused, while a second seemed to agree writing, "Photoshop to the rescue...mooo."

Winter, who faces a frequent criticism over her sartorial choices, soon found herself at the centre of another controversy – this time being accused of posting doctored image. A fan blasted in the comments section, "might as well let someone else do the photoshoot n have your face photoshopped onto the pics later cus this definitely isn't your body."

Someone else commented with a more sympathetic note urging the teen actress to be confident in her own skin. "You're [sic] natural body is perfect. No need for Photoshop," the comment read.

While this is definitely not the first time that Winter has sparked a controversy over her social media uploads, the actress most recently fought back haters in an epic Twitter rant.

"Pretty annoyed about the focus on the fact that I wear shorts and the commentary that I'm 'squeezing' into them or the idea that it's not okay for me to wear shorts," she said adding that she is not a "whore" because of her choice of dressing.

But looks like, the controversies aren't fading away any time soon for Winter. In fact, the accompanying quotes in her Instagram image – seemingly from her magazine interview about fame – also drew some flak.

"You're all about attention," her critic mocked.