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Gamers have high expectations of "Ark 2," the upcoming action-adventure survival video game developed by Studio Wildcard. After all, it is the sequel of "Ark Survival Evolved," which managed to become a hit despite being launched around the time of Minecraft's release. Here's what we know about the survival game.

'Ark 2' release date window

When it was announced in 2020, the "Ark 2" release date was originally for 2022. However, the release window was postponed to 2023 during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase in 2022, which is likely the result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic's impact on the game's production.

In the absence of any other information, it is highly likely that players won't get their hands on the game until late 2023 at the earliest, according to digitaltrends. It's also feasible that this game will have an early access period, just like the first Ark had.

'Ark 2' platforms

The agreement between Studio Wildcard and Microsoft Gaming, which was revealed alongside the game's announcement, ensures that Xbox Series X will be the only console platform on which Ark 2 will be available at launch, GamesRadar reported. Similar to its predecessor Ark: Survival Evolved, Ark is also coming to PC.

Will Ark 2' be released for the PS5 console?

"Ark 2" is only classified as a "console launch exclusive" for Xbox Series X by developer Studio Wildcard, which indicates that it will only be available on PC and Xbox Series X for an unspecified period of time, before coming to other platforms - such as the PS5. Considering that the first Ark game found success on PS4, it wouldn't be all that shocking to see "Ark 2" move to PlayStation after its exclusivity period with Xbox expires.

'Ark 2' gameplay

"Ark 2" will feature "Souls-like melee fighting," according to Studio Wildcard, where players may target-lock, block, dodge, execute combos, stagger, and even use special strikes. The game will have "advanced character traversal mechanics," which include sliding, swinging, free-climbing, mantling, and parkour, and also switches from first-person to a third-person perspective.

The entire thing takes place in a vast, brand-new alien world, and there are dynamic world events that take place without regard to the player's actions. The decision to engage with them will then have its own rewards and difficulties.

Additionally, players will be able to create weapons and equipment from a variety of modules to customize their appearance and capabilities, leading to millions of unique combinations. The products' appearance will also depend on the materials used.

Additionally, there is a PvE element where hostile Atarai will pursue players while riding the backs of their own domesticated animals in an effort to expel the players from their planet.

Vin Diesel is a character

In "Ark 2," actor Vin Diesel will play Santiago, the main protagonist. Santiago is a clone of Santiago da Costa, a player character from "ARK: Survival Evolved."