Arlindo de Souza
Arlindo de Souza injected his biceps with alcohol and oil to turn himself into 'The Mountain' TVnoYouTube

The man with the largest muscles in Brazil injected his biceps with oil and alcohol, he has explained.

Speaking to Barcroft Media, the man known as "The Mountain" from Olinda, injected a lethal concoction into his system to create his 29 inch biceps. The filler is absorbed into the body to give the appearance of muscle.

However, the mixture can cause horrific infections and others who have injected themselves have had to have their arms amputated or have even died.

He said: "You inject it and it swells you up without having to work out. Each time I took it I wanted more and more. For me there wasn't a limit."

He injected the concoction into his arms three times a week for just two months to achieve his look. Arlindo had already been taking steroids, hormones and equine vitamins to build his body. His friend offered him "site enhancement oil" to continue bulking up.

Arlindo said: "The guy gave it to me. He said, 'take this, it will make you grow in days. I loaded the syringe, put it in my arm, injected it and it swelled me up right there and then. To tell you the truth, I didn't feel a thing. There was sometimes a bit of dizziness but nothing apart from that."

He added: "I was working out the same so my strength stayed the same - nothing changed. Most people who take it do not know how to apply it. They will use just any old blood vessel. Some will end up losing an arm, another needs an operation, some may even lose their lives."

Arlindo has already lost one friend to the phenomenon. He explained: "My friend Paulinho, he passed away from doing these things. I felt his death a lot. He took it, I took it, but he went beyond the limit. I advise no-one to take this oil.

"I've stopped taking it, and other things as well, but there is always that will to start again. But I'm managing to control myself, to this day."

The mixture is believed to contain mostly mineral oil, as well as alcohol and anaesthetic. It can be bought online or at unlicenced pharmacies and is growing in popularity across Brazil and South America.

He added: "To get a body like mine, it is very difficult if you are not taking anything. Some people take it but won't admit it. Have you ever seen a guy as big as me claiming it is natural? He is lying, I tell you. At least I tell the truth."