While Bohemia Interactive is still silent on the "Arma 4" release date window, the good thing is that the company already confirmed that it is currently in development. Fans of the open-world military tactical shooter video game franchise can now relax and be assured that it will eventually arrive. Meanwhile, here are cool things we know about the upcoming title.

'Arma 4' will run on the new and powerful Enfusion engine

This was revealed last year on the Q&A found on the Enfusion website. "We don't have anything new to share regarding the future of the Arma series, aside from the fact that we will use Enfusion for any potential new Arma game," the company said, NME.com reported. "Follow our social media channels or subscribe to the Bohemia Newsletter to make sure you always get the latest news!"

The company said that the new engine would make games even more immersive by creating more believable worlds. "A world powered by Enfusion should immerse you completely," the company said on the website. "Instead of flexing with cutting-edge graphics technology, our focus is on making environments more believable. That includes everything from proper lighting across day/night cycles to grass and trees moving in the wind or the simulation of stars illuminating a dark sky."

'Arma 4' might be coming to consoles

For those who own PlayStation and Xbox, the biggest concern is the likelihood of "Arma 4" also seeing a release for consoles. It must be noted that while "Arma 3" never had a console release, the recently launched "Arma Reforger" was released on Xbox as well as PC.

Some are suggesting that the developers appear to be planning to release "Arma 4" to consoles. "We believe Arma 4 will probably come to consoles at some stage in the future," Turtle Beach wrote. "We suspect that since Arma Reforger is a 'stepping stone' that Arma 4 will likely come to consoles in the future, potentially on Xbox first in early access before eventually being released on PlayStation consoles. Much in the same way that DayZ came to Xbox early access before eventually launching on PS4."

At the moment, Bohemia Interactive did not hint at an "Arma 4" release window. Stay tuned for more updates.

Arma 4
Arma 4 GracynHawkins001, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons