Arrow season 3 ended on a somewhat happy note with the show's protagonist Oliver Queen killing the bad guy and driving off into the sunset with his lady love.

While this move may please Olicity fans, others are left wondering what will happen when the series returns with season 4?

Will Oliver return as the less-intense Green Arrow?

Actor Stephen Amell teased at the recently held Wizard World Comic Con held in Philadelphia about somehow transforming his character to the light-hearted and witty Green Arrow, similar to what Green Arrow is in the comics. (via Christian Today)

So could a sudden change in character (or mood) for Oliver Queen be expected for the fourth season? With the way the serious and dramatic season 3 ended, it could make for a refreshing change.

Maybe the makers will reveal some interesting plot details about the next season at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con (8-12 July 2015).

Arrow season 4 premiere date

Meanwhile, Den of Geek speculates that Arrow season 4 might premiere on 7 October 2015 - based on the premiere dates of Arrow's earlier seasons.

"Do not take this as official confirmation of anything, but there's a pattern that Arrow has always stuck to with their premiere dates. Arrow always premieres right around New York Comic-Con (NYCC). Whether that's by coincidence or design is another story, but it's happened three times in a row," states the website.

Arrow season 1 premiered on Wednesday, 19 October 2012, the night before NYCC.

Arrow season 2 premiered on Wednesday, 9 October 2013, a night before NYCC.

Arrow season 3 premiered on Wednesday, 8 October 2014, again a night before NYCC.