Arrow season 3
Oliver Queen becomes Al Sah-Him - the new leader of The League of Assassins The CW

Arrow season 3 finale airs this Wednesday, 13 May and fans will finally get to see how the dramatic and intense season comes to a conclusion. Reports state that the action-packed episode gives a series finale kind of a vibe and there are rumours of a major character's death.

"We've never ended a season the way we're ending this season, where literally you are going, 'How can the show go on'?" Arrow's executive producer Marc Guggenheim told The Hollywood Reporter.

"...Here, literally there is no more Arrow identity. There is no more lair. Relationships are fractured. All the things that sort of make the show the show are kind of gone." Hence, it'll be interesting to see how the makers approach season 4 of Arrow.

Titled, My Name Is Oliver Queen, the finale is officially described as follows:

"Everyone's lives are in danger as Ra's al Ghul puts forth his final plan. Oliver/Al Sah-him must decide if he's strong enough to take on this new role and what it will mean for everyone on Team Arrow, and his soul."

Will Oliver manage to rescue his friends, save Starling City and defeat the deadly Ra's al Ghul? Seems like a longshot, but the Arrow will have some super-powered help in The Flash who has a brief, but key role in the finale episode.

The Flash
The Flash plays a key role in Arrow season 3 finale The CW

"He [The Flash/Barry Allen] plays a fairly pivotal role. Barry's arrival is very key. The whole episode couldn't happen without him," Guggenheim told Entertainment Weekly.

In his interview with THR, Guggenheim also explained Flash's involvement in Team Arrow's affairs in detail and revealed how it plays into the Flash finale which airs next week.

"That's one of the things we talk about a lot, having a shared superhero universe: Why doesn't Team Arrow just call Barry all the time? That question gets answered pretty specifically in the season finale.

"We wrote it in close consultation with the Flash writers, knowing where Barry was in his story, and if you watch episode 23 of Arrow with 23 of Flash back to back, Barry goes straight from Arrow into the season finale of Flash. There's a pretty good explanation in the Flash story as why he can't just solve all of Oliver's problems in five minutes," he added.

Meanwhile, a Fansided report speculates that a major character might die in the finale. As per the website, it could be Diggle or more likely Malcolm, "perhaps while saving Thea Queen's life if she arrives in Roy Harper's old costume to help in the final battle".

Arrow season 3 finale, My Name is Oliver Queen, airs this Wednesday, 13 May at 8pm ET on The CW. You can watch the episode online on The CW website by clicking here.

Or, you can click here to watch the episode via live stream online.