Arsenal summer signing Alexis Sanchez claimed that even though he can play up front, he "feels more comfortable out on the left" with Danny Welbeck occupying the number nine role.

The Chilean international's best position has been under scrutiny since his £32m summer move from Barcelona in the summer.

After scoring 12 goals in 18 appearances for the club some pundits suggest he should play as a number nine while others believe that he must occupy the playmaker role ahead of Mesut Ozil.

While manager Arsene Wenger has deployed him often on the right, with freedom to move to the centre of the attack, he now claims he really prefers the left.

"I love playing in any of the three attacking positions but I feel a little more comfortable out on the left because it allows me to take on the opposing full-back and cut inside and shoot with my right foot,

"It's easier for me to shoot that way but to be honest, I'm just happy to be playing wherever I am fielded by the boss."

Meanwhile when asked about Welbeck and whether he would like to play as a number nine, he said: "I love playing with him (Welbeck). He has a very nice touch and he is a top scorer. He has been a great signing for Arsenal."

Sanchez has quickly settled into English football, drawing comparisons with Premier League legends such as Luis Suarez and Thierry Henry but he says his best is yet to come.

"First it's about getting to know your new surroundings, getting your bearings. Almost unconsciously, I started to memorise the movements of my favourite teammates and starting to learn how to help them.

"I know that I still have a lot to improve on and they have let me know what areas need work: to spend less time on the ball, to play more one-touch passes to instigate counter-attacks – that's vital. I need to continue learning because those quick-passing moves are key in the Premier League and especially at Arsenal.

"At first I did struggle to understand them – to guess what spaces they would run into, their movements and what their gesturing meant. Now I know all of their virtues, I know more now what they are like and that makes me feel much more relaxed and allows me to enjoy my game more."