Asghar Bukhari, the founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACK UK) unwittingly sent Twitter into a meltdown, after he posted a public rant in which he appeared to claim that Zionists attempted to intimidate and threaten him by breaking into his home and ... stealing one of his shoes.

Just one, mind you, clearly to add to the sense of impending threat. The deeply sinister nature of the crime was apparent, as he explained the logic behind his fears saying: " ... they left one shoe behind, to let me know someone had been there."

And god forbid - they might come back for the other one.

Asghar Bukhari
Bukhari posted a poignant, black and white image of the now solitary shoe, demostrating the gravity of the offence. Asghar Bukhari /Twitter

He didn't stop there. In fact, he posted a dramatic image capturing the emotional impact of the heinous crime that took place while he slept, sharing an image of a bare foot and a solitary, bereft shoe.

He concludes the rant, urging his Facebook followers to "share this widely."

Indeed they did, as the news that the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, better known as "Mossad" was stealing single shoes, evidently to inflict maximum psychological injury to the shoe wearer, spread on social media with hilarious results.

The hashtag #MossadStoleMyShoe was quickly trending as social media commentators 'put in the boot.'

As social media went to town, Bukhari was undeterred and stood by his theory of the Zionist shoe stealer, wreaking havoc on the 'soles' of innocents.

"Zionists going mad at me over intimidation claim... makes me think bit desperate aren't they hmmmm."

As critics mocked him he continued to put his - presumably bare foot - in his mouth responding: "I can't believe so many shocked zionists might steal something. They stole Palestine! #hypocrites"

"Zionists and Uncle Toms going bonkers. I've waited so long for this. Heaven. Now can I have my shoe back??" he continued.

Bukhari might well be advised to 'put a sock in it.'

No stranger to controversy Bukhari's outlandish opinions are widely dismissed but his latest conspiracy theory had people thinking he really is just a little bit footloose.

Well, if the shoe fits.